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That Miyoko Asagaya Feeling (Shinichi Abe)


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A compilation of the best of the early Garo stories (1970s) of Shinishi Abe, published by Black Hook Press (

Story curation & Biography by Mitsuhiro Asakawa.
Translation by Ryan Holmberg.
150 pages approx.
A5/ Kashihon.

Stories included:

Miyoko Asagaya Kibun
(Garo 1971.3) 13p

Karui Kata
(Young Comic 1971.10.13) 10P

Asagaya Shinju
(Garo 1972.6) 24P

(Young Comic 1972.7.12) 8P

(Garo 1973.2) 38P

(Garo 1973.10) 20P

(Weekly Manga Times 1976.5.22) 16P

Ryan Holmberg's description of the book:
"...this is an important collection of stories about the artist’s own struggles with romance, art, alcohol, and mental illness, originally published in Garo and other venues in the early and mid 70s. Tsuge Yoshiharu is usually credited for pioneering quasi-autobiographical shishosetsu-style manga in the mid-late 60s, but these Abe stories are really the first case of a Japanese cartoonist writing regularly and in a brutally frank way about his personal life. They are more or less contemporaneous with Justin Green's Binky Brown (1972), but without all the cartoony absurdities and neurotic self-flagellation. Abe's freeform drawing, sometimes scratchy sometimes fluid, is also really amazing. Interestingly, a couple of the stories are told from his partner Miyoko's point of view. Rounding out the volume is an essay by Asakawa Mitsuhiro, who also selected the works... This will be a must-have book for both alt-manga fans and people interested in the history of comics as literature."

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