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Alchemical Graphics


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A new compilation of the contemporary artwork/illustrations of auteur comics artist Hironori Kikuchi collecting works from the last 8 years. Published by independent Tokyo-based bookseller/publisher Taco Ché. Consisting of single page illustrations, it is sometimes possible to observe dramatic sequences throughout a piece. In spite of this, it would be disingenuous to describe this collection as consisting of typical manga illustrations or narrative.

Kikuchi debuted in 1995 in Garo magazine. He began working in his new dreamlike "alchemical" style in 2011. His previous English publications include "Gedatsu Man" from the underground collection Secret Comics Japan (edited by Chikao Shiratori), "The admirable boys" a 'silent manga' contribution to COMIX 2000, and his more recent short-form story "Begin", for š! #32 by Latvian comics anthology publisher kuš! (2018).

This book is extremely lavish in production, featuring gold foil stamped cover on thick matte black boards. The back matter includes a short biography and list of included works. The intricate interior art is monochrome printed onto a thick, creamy paper stock, and the spine is lain open/exposed with a stitched codex binding. It is, in and of itself, an objet d'art.

96 pages
22cm × 29cm
(approx. 8.7in × 11.4in "large" format)

Production Design Direction: Ayumi Nakayama w. collaborator (cover) Pakito Bolino (Le Dernier Cri)
Translation: Philip Gayle
Printed: inuuniq (Tokyo)

Note: I am going to try to ship these the same way I shipped the panpanya illustration book, in order to lower the shipping cost. So they will not ship via flat rate as below. If you want an alternative shipping arrangement, please contact me and we can work out the details.

[OUTDATED INFO: Due to the large format and value of this book, it will ship in a padded flat rate envelope – because of this, the shipping cost is a little higher than usual.]

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